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Workforce Landscape

The Independent workforce is on the rise
Independent workers (comprised of self employed, part time, direct hire temps, on call and day laborers, agency temps, and contract company temps) which currently make up almost one third of the American workforce, are projected to grow to almost one half of the country's workforce by 2025 (One significant corporate report projects 40% by 2020).
On-demand economy
Employers are likely to contract more temporary and part-time work rather than invest in full-time employees for short-term gigs.
Highly skilled, knowledge based jobs are on the rise
Changes in technology require constant skills upgrading to keep up; jobs of tomorrow may not yet exist today.
Workplace transformation
The traditional work environment is evolving to be a 24/7 flexible, collaborative, mobile and technology-based space.

Workforce is changing in rapid and unheralded ways.

Strategic and innovative thought leadership and solutions are desperately needed to navigate this evolution. Focused Management Solutions (FMS) expertise, relationships and R&D uniquely position it to identify and develop leading edge workforce programs and solutions.

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